About Us

Samin Nosrat is a writer, teacher, and chef. Called a “go-to resource for matching the correct techniques with the best ingredients” by the New York Times and “the next Julia Child” by NPR’s All Things Considered, she’s been cooking professionally since 2000, when she first stumbled into the kitchen at Chez Panisse restaurant. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Bon Appétit, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other places. She lives, cooks, and gardens in Berkeley, California. Salt Fat Acid Heat is her first book.

(photo credit: Grant Delin)


Wendy MacNaughton is a New York Times-bestselling illustrator and graphic journalist whose books include Meanwhile in San Francisco (Chronicle), Knives & Ink (Bloomsbury), The Gutsy Girl (Bloomsbury), Lost Cat (Bloomsbury), and The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). She is a columnist for The California Sunday Magazine. She lives in San Francisco with her partner, several four-legged animals, and a well-used kitchen, thanks to Samin.

(photo credit: Leslie Sophia Lindell)


Alvaro Villanueva never set out to be a designer but discovered a natural and comfortable place in design at the intersection of his life-long interests: narrative, culture, vision, composition, and problem solving. Namely and above all: book design from his studio Bookish Design. With twenty years’ experience working with publishers big and small, for individuals, and institutions, his greatest hits include over 100 covers of the Believer magazine, Paul Madonna’s All Over Coffee books for City Lights, On the Edge of Your Seat for the Center for art in Wood, and now, Salt Fat Acid Heat.


Trish Richman is a freelance art director, hands-on graphic designer, and a meticulously organized project manager. Her clients include
Wendy MacNaughton, lavamae.org and an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs,non-profits, writers and misfits.